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Museum professionals understand the need to establish ownership rights the quality of the collection and the reputation of your institution depend on it.  

Without adequate title protection, museums are at risk for:

        Direct financial loss when works of art purchased through charitably gifted funds, deaccessioning or other fundraising activities are repossessed;

        Indirect financial loss when a key work of art acquired to redirect the permanent collection is lost through a title dispute;

       Decreased fundraising capacity;

       Compromised institutional prestige; and

       A decline in exhibition lending as collectors who fear title challenges refuse to lend their art.  

Museums at Risk

Even the largest museums are vulnerable to the financial consequences of ownership disputes.  ARIS ATPI now enables you to exhibit your collections with confidence, set aside your apprehensions in order to concentrate on the cultural and educational goals of your institution, and preserve your prominence in the museum community.  ARIS may also allow your institution to unlock the value of your inventory by insuring ownership for art to be deaccessioned.  

Art is forever, now so is ownership.   Let ARIS protect you and your art.