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Financial Consultants

Fine art has matured into a distinct asset class, and the financial community can now protect itself in investment- or finance-related art transactions.  ARIS can be your partner in protecting art investments.  

Lenders:   Lenders are increasingly lending directly against art as the collateral and at increasing loan to value rates.  Banks have a vested interest in ensuring that art which serves as collateral is free from encumbrances.  ARIS ATPI® protects banking institutions from art asset losses arising from defects in legal title.

Art Investment Funds:   Investment managers have begun to group art for investment.  Minimizing risk as an investment fiduciary is a key ingredient to all asset management; and title disputes until now have been unmanageable.  ARIS eliminates the risk of financial loss resulting from a dispute over legal title to art, where uninsured title claims can affect returns for many years.  

Financial Advisors:   The IRS scrutinizes the assigned value and therefore the integrity of any significant charitable gift of art before allowing the charitable deduction or the assigned value for any "like kind exchange" of art employed to defer capital gains tax.   ARIS ATPI® protects against the risks of incomplete charitable gifts and incomplete tax events and inherently augments the appraised value of gifted or exchanged art through its guarantee of clear legal title.  By assuring a legally completed charitable gift or an effective tax deferred exchange, ARIS ATPI® helps prevent adverse art gift and deferred tax issues for the benefit of both you the advisor and your clients.  

Art is forever, now so is ownership.   Let ARIS protect you and your art.