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Insurance Professionals

Insurance professionals provide risk management and risk transfer solutions, and know that it is critical to protect clients against known exposures.  Art title claims have been increasing in frequency and severity for the past twenty years, with no risk management tools historically available.  ARIS ATPI®, a third-party risk transfer, is now available to protect clients against art title claims.

ARIS ATPI®, offered through a New York State regulated title insurance company, insures the legal integrity of the art transaction for as long as the client owns or the client’s heirs own the insured art.  ARIS ATPI® is also available to dealers, galleries and museums; and coverage can be tailored to the individual needs of each client.   Solving this critical gap in risk management will enable your clients to conclude more art purchases and sales, reduce the risk of loss from lending to art exhibitions and effect more charitable gifting.  

Art is forever, now so is ownership.   Let ARIS protect you and your art.