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Art Intermediaries

For even the most astute advisor, the integrity of art transactions has been uncertain at best.  Today, information potentially affecting clear legal title to art unfolds in the international art market and legal environment nearly daily and at an ever-increasing volume.  The risk of claims for defective legal title to art remains despite good faith efforts to mitigate this risk.

No longer must you rely on good faith alone or assume the risks and uncertainties surrounding contractual indemnification.  By providing an insurance policy, ARIS shifts the financial risk of title disputes from buyers and sellers to a third party.

ARIS ATPIŽ allows art advisors, dealers or other intermediaries to have complete confidence in client transactions.  Providing or insisting on ARIS ATPIŽ in a transaction helps bolster good faith status and resolve otherwise unsolvable problems in transferring title in art transactions.

Art is forever, now so is ownership.   Let ARIS protect you and your art.