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Policy Highlights

Art Title Protection Insurance (ATPI ® )

The ARIS ATPI® policy is a title insurance policy structured to address the chain of title and lien risks inherent in art as a form of personal property.   The ARIS ATPI® policy guarantees clear legal title, insuring against two general title risk categories:

Art Provenance/Chain of Title Risks

  • Theft - contemporary or historical
    (e.g., WWII)
  • Illegal import or export

“Classic” Title Risks

  • Security interests
  • Creditor liens 
  • Authority to sell

The ARIS ATPI ® Policy is a Damages-Plus Defense Cost Policy 

  • Coverage is for the face value of the policy plus the cost to defend against a claim.  
  • Appreciation of the value of the art can be addressed via policy endorsement.  

The ARIS ATPI ® Policy Term 

  • Indefinite, until the insured work is re-sold or otherwise transferred by charitable gift or donation.   
  • The policy term is automatically extended to the insured's successors in interest at law, e.g., heirs.   
  • The insured has the option to elect a shorter term of coverage.  

The Time Window for Covered Risk Occurrence    

  • For provenance title risks, those occurring at any time before the date the policy is issued.   
  • For "classic" title risks, those arising at any time during the Seller's ownership (or most recent period of ownership).  
  • For authority to sell risks, any lack of legal authority to sell at the time of the transaction and policy issuance.  

Policy Exclusions  

  • Those consistent with real estate title exclusions.   
  • A general exclusion for affirmative misrepresentation.   
  • ARIS ATPI® is a "tell us what you know" policy, but it is not contingent on what the insured "should have known." 
  • Exclusions for claims against ARIS and its reinsurer(s) in the nature of defamation of title, impairment of value or damage to reputation of transaction principals asserted because of the ARIS ATPI® application or underwriting processes.