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Request Coverage


You may apply for insurance through your insurance professional or to ARIS directly. 

The process begins by submitting a completed ATPI application and providing the required supporting documentation to ARIS.

You may submit the application either via the mail, FedEx or through the secure client portal.  

Request an ATPI application

If you do not presently have all of the documentation requested in the application, we will begin to underwrite based on the information you presently have.  The more complete your information is, the more quickly and readily ARIS will be able to determine coverage.

In general, the information you will need to submit with your application includes:

  • A completed ARIS ATPI application Form from the party who will be insured;
  • A related informational application from the seller, if this is a current purchase or sale;
  • The complete provenance, as you know it, for the work of art;
  • A digital image or color transparency of the work of art;
  • Current and historical import/export documents and information you have; and
  • The proposed Bill of Sale between the buyer and seller or the Bill of Sale for your previously acquired work.